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    “We’ve just completed our second complete core system upgrade with Ex-Cel Solutions. Their knowledge of Harland Financial Solutions and UltraData results in perfectly matched hardware platforms that get the most out of your banking system. We’ve seen 400% improvement in daily performance and daily data backups have dropped from 2 hours to seven minutes!”

“We’ve been working with Ex-Cel Solutions since 2002.  We have been extremely pleased with their service, expertise, and knowledge of Harland Financial Solutions and UltraData. I recommend them to any credit union that is looking for a partner who can consistently meet their IT needs!”

Andy L. - Yolo Federal Credit Union

    “Our new UltraWatch service is great! The UltraWatch alert warned us that one of the hard drives in our Voice Response system had experienced a failure. This helped us resolve a major problem before it was too late. We contacted IBM. We received and installed a new drive the same day which ensured member services was not impacted.”
Cathie L. – USA Federal Credit Union

    “OCCU is currently using the UltraWatch software on our Host AIX server, TransExchange, and VR Server. So far we are extremely happy with the results. Getting alerts real time is fantastic. We can act on those immediately and save us some grief that can occur without that monitoring. The messages that are sent are very clear as to what server, and service is having an issue. It makes it very simple for us to research and fix any issues within a timely manner… So even on the weekend we can be on top of any issues or down services that we would have normally been unaware of.

The reports have also been a benefit to watch the trending of what is going on with those servers… Ex-Cel Solutions staff has been very easy to work with and prompt with any needs we have had. The cost for this service is also well within reason for the CU.”

Lori H. – Our Community Federal Credit Union

    “We put this in place to fill a notification need. As a medium sized credit union, with a smaller staff, we rely heavily on our systems to perform everyday functions. As we are growing, we are competing in a 24x7 business. We needed to have processes in place to be able to monitor our systems and alert us to any errors, or down services. The UltraWatch service has been extremely helpful in keeping our EFT processes up, if we have a problem, we know in a couple of minutes versus hours when our Vendors would call us.”
Chris P. – St. Paul Federal Credit Union

    “In February 2009, we were notified via UltraWatch that we had degradation in a drive on the Harland Server. It was invaluable to get the notice and have the drive replaced before the problem caused the server to go down. The repair was done after hours at our convenience. Thanks for keeping us ‘Up and Running!’”
Joanne M. – New Generations Federal Credit Union

    “We use Ultra Watch to monitor the status of our HPUX server and ancillary application servers such as Home Banking and Voice Response. It has helped us recognize and resolve hardware and software issues in a more timely manner with less business impact than without the service. We plan on a broader implementation as time and budget allows.”
Paul M. – JSC Federal Credit Union